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Each Nordik Recovery inflatable ice bath is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring unparalleled comfort and performance at a price that defies the competition.

Nordik Ice Bath
Nordik Ice Bath - Black Nordik Ice Bath - Brown
Premium Ice Bath
Nordik Standard Bundle
Nordik Standard Bundle - Black Nordik Standard Bundle - Brown
Ice Bath + Chiller
Nordik Premium Bundle
Nordik Premium Bundle - Black Nordik Premium Bundle - Brown
Ice Bath + Premium Chiller


Nordik Recovery — where health meets nature’s embrace. Within our inflatable ice baths, a sanctuary unfolds, inviting you to discover an harmonious blend of serenity and modern luxury.

The Cold is Powerful
Increase mental clarity
Cold water can stimulate the release of endorphins, those feel-good hormones that contribute to an improved mood and mental well-being.
Elevate energy
Cold immersion boosts circulation and increases adrenaline levels, providing a natural surge of energy and heightened alertness.
Boost immune system
Regular use can enhance immune response, helping the body to combat inflammation and ward off illnesses more effectively.
Speed up muscle repair
Ice baths help in reducing muscle soreness and speeding up the repair process after intense physical activity or workouts.
The Nordik Recovery difference
Our inflatable ice baths offer unrivaled features and performance at unbeatable prices, surpassing the competition on all fronts.

749 CAD$

Other brands

≈ 1500 CAD$

Quick and simple setup
Lightweight + Portable
Nylon Fabric & Insulation
Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
High end design & aesthetics

Discover the ultimate retreat for your mind, body, and soul.

Experience Nordik Recovery – where indulgence meets rejuvenation, and every dip becomes a moment of blissful serenity.

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